Hands on care of sports injuries.

Ryan Minarik, ND, LAc.


Dr. Minarik has taken many opportunities to expand the scope of his practice to unique and specialized therapies outside the standard training of most naturopathic doctors. His studies have allowed him to become a diverse practitioner who is able to treat a wide range of conditions, from family primary care scenarios to serious and chronic conditions.

He gained experience serving as resident doctor at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. His fields of interest involve both sports/physical medicine and chronic disease, especially gastrointestinal and hormonal conditions. Dr. Minarik received both his doctorate in naturopathic medicine and masters in classical Chinese medicine from NCNM.


Dr. Minarik has a special interest in sports medicine, being active in many sports himself. He has obtained additional, specialized training and certificates in Prolotherapy (certification through the American College of Osteopathic and Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management), Neural Therapy, Biopuncture, Kinesiotaping, Acupuncture muscle channel technique, IV therapy (including heavy metal chelation), and Nasospecific technique (for chronic sinus/nasal problems and infections). The additional training has given him tools to treat conditions that other medical treatments have not been able to address, or where surgery may have been offered as the only alternative.

Therapies of particular interest to patients at BIM may include prolotherapy, trigger point injections, neural therapy, and biopuncture. These therapies are usually used in some combination, aimed at addressing pain and stimulating healing, and are generally very compatible with concurrent chiropractic or massage treatments. Additionally, Dr. Minarik can help with nutritional support, diet assessment, and lab testing to assess barriers to optimal athletic or physical performance at any level, and help support proper healing of injuries.

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Dr. Minarik believes in searching to identify the underlying causes for a patient’s condition, while helping to alleviate any immediate pain or discomfort. He has a strong belief in educating the patient and discussing options, using natural and non-invasive treatments initially, but is able to use more conventional approaches, including pharmaceuticals, when appropriate or deemed necessary.

Dr. Minarik is native to the Pacific Northwest, growing up in Washington State and attending the University of Washington in Seattle as an undergraduate. His interests outside of medicine include traveling, and most any outdoor activity he can participate in such as rock climbing, kite boarding, snowboarding, tennis, soccer, hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing.

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Naturopathic initial visits are approximately one hour. Acupuncture initial visits are 75 minutes, including treatment.