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Back in Motion Patient Testimonials


Here is where you can find actual testimonials from our wonderful patients!

“By the time I had my first appointment with Dr. Tamara Lovelace, I had experienced five sleepless nights, could not perform my daily activities, and was constantly taking over the counter pain medication and trying multiple methods of pain relief due to my neck and shoulder strain. Through her treatment, recommended stretches at home, massage therapy with Ron, and eventual guidance back to the gym, I am back to the activity level I was at before and no longer in pain! Thank you!”

-Jennifer M


“Dr. Forcum has added life span to our careers with his knowledge. Chiro-practice has been a great turning point for us and become an integral part of our recovery and success.”

 -Greg and Laura Bennett — Olympians and Professional Triathletes


“I really wanted a therapist who was a tri-athlete or had worked on tri-athletes and Stefan Furst had done both. I knew I had to do the training, keep myself healthy and keep my muscles loose and aligned. Stefan was awesome!”

-Bonnie Crawford — Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene finisher


“Thanks for contacting me regarding my son! He is doing great and seamlessly worked into the already in progress basketball season. Thanks so much for your excellent care. I really appreciate your time in explaining things. You come across in a re-assuring and confident manner. And, the follow up phone call a month later was fantastic!”



“I have commercially fished for 33 years and have been a competitive power lifter for 25, which has caused severe arthritis in both hips. I’d had prolotherapy done with Dr. Minarik and had great results. We had both discussed that PRP might be a good way to go for my hips. With the option between replaced hips or PRP, I chose PRP. With just one injection on the left side, I’ve had great results and no pain anymore after 6 weeks. Now we are working on the right side. I’m thinking of going back to power lifting.”

- G.O., 61 years old


“Dr. Minarik is a true healer. He completely changed our lives through careful and comprehensive consideration (and then treatment) of what was making my son so ill. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

- H.R. (posted on MerchantCircle.com)


“In September 2009 I crashed while windsurfing the mighty Columbia river, dislocating and separating my right shoulder as well as suffering a torn biceps tendon, supraspinatus, labrum and numerous ligaments! The orthopedic surgeon said surgery is the only option and my reply was, “No.” (I would be without work for at least three months besides the cost of surgery) Dr. Minarik offered me Prolotherapy, followed with stretches and exercises. After one session of Prolotherapy, my neckpain was gone and I could sleep through the night. He was watching my progress, helping me along the way back to strength. It took five sessions, and patience, to get back to where I was before September 2009. I am (again) walking on my hands, and have people standing on my shoulder. And, of course windsurfing! Full recovery.
Thank you Dr. Minarik!”

-Stefan Furst


“My name is Lisa Miller. I am a Physical Education Teacher and have been active all of my life. I have a passion for staying healthy, being fit, eating clean and having the ability to pursue activities that bring me joy. Working with children and teaching them the importance of being active and healthy has inspired me to be the best that I can be in my profession.The biggest challenge in my life has been with facing chronic back problems. I have experienced pain, frustration, discouragement and a feeling of helplessness. This has been a deterrent from helping me reach my goals in life.
I was diagnosed with grade 1 Spondylisiosis, and have had chronic lower back problems for the last 10 years. I have received treatment for an unstable SI joint by several chiropractic providers. I would get adjustments, massages, and go back for more with no improvement in sight. This was a vicious cycle for years. I also received physical therapy for 6 weeks through my primary provider and was referred to Pysiatry after no progress was made. A few exercises were given for strengthening and stretching and once again I was back to where I started.
I love to run, lift weights, dance, do plyometric training and just about anything that gives me a good workout. Because I have such a low resting heart rate, I would have to work out at a high intensity to get a good workout. This would put a great amount of strain on my back and cause greater pain.

A friend referred me to Back In Motion and told me about the success her husband had experienced with therapy and treatment. I called and made an appt. After my first visit with Dr. Forcum I walked away with a sense of hope that I had not felt in years. Dr. Forcum did a diagnosis, discovered I had limited range of motion in my hip flexors and started me on some specific exercises for strengthening my core stability and addressing scar tissue. Each time I have received treatment using the Graston Technique, Ultra-sound, electro-therapy and adjustments. I have made tremendous progress in the last four weeks and am on the road to a complete recovery. I am learning how to strengthen my core stability with specific exercises, I am modifying my workouts to give my back a chance to heal and strengthen, and massage therapy is addressing muscle strains, tightness and overall instability.

I have been so impressed with Dr Forcum’s comprehensive care, his knowledge on current trends and best practices for therapy and I have complete faith that I am on the road to recovery. My back is stable, and am getting stronger and I am learning how to care for myself so I can live my life without physical limitations holding me back.

I am so thankful for Dr. Forcum’s care and treatment. Back in Motion is a place that I would highly recommend to family, friends and anyone experiencing back problems. BIM specializes in sports therapy and comprehensive care at its finest.


-Lisa Miller