Hands on care of sports injuries.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

The licensed massage therapists at Back In Motion provide a wide variety of massage techniques from deep to light to treat your injuries or reduce your stress.

Therapeutic, Sport & Deep Tissue – These techniques strive to lengthen contracted and spasmed muscles, break down scar tissue, increase flexibility and range of motion.

Swedish Massage – This technique is utilized for relaxation and the reduction of muscle tension and stress.

Massage for Sports Injuries

Effect of recovery interventions on lactate removal and subsequent performance.

Monedero J, Donne B. Int J Sports Med 2000 Nov;21(8):593-7

The recovery process in sport plays an essential role in determining subsequent athletic performance. This study investigated the effectiveness of different recovery interventions after maximal exercise. Eighteen trained male cyclists initially undertook an incremental test to determine maximal oxygen consumption. The four recovery interventions tested were: passive, active (50% maximal oxygen uptake), massage, and combined (involving active and massage components). In conclusion, combined recovery was the most efficient intervention for maintaining maximal performance time during T2

Effects of massage on physiological restoration, perceived recovery, and repeated sports performance. Hemmings B, Smith M, Graydon J, Dyson R. Br J Sports Med 2000 Apr;34(2):109-14; discussion 115

Eight amateur boxers completed two performances on a boxing ergometer on two occasions in a counterbalanced design. Boxers initially completed performance 1, after which they received a massage or passive rest intervention. Each boxer then gave perceived recovery ratings before completing a second performance, which was a repeated simulation of the first. A Wilcoxon matched pairs test showed that the massage intervention significantly increased perceptions of recovery (p<0.01) compared with the passive rest intervention.

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